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Rug Cleaning Services

Rugs are a beautiful addition to any home. Looking after your rug is a wise choice that can extend its life. The secret of maintaining rugs that last longer and are durable is cleaning them using a vacuum along with deep steam cleaning once in a while.


Types of Rugs We Clean

      • Silk rug cleaning
      • Cotton rug cleaning
      • Jute and bamboo rug cleaning
      • Faux fur/Faux hide rugs cleaning
      • Polypropylene rug cleaning
      • Hair on hide handcrafted rugs cleaning
      • Microfiber/Polyester rugs cleaning
      • Cowhide rug cleaning
      • Sheepskin rug cleaning
      • Wool rug cleaning
      • Persian rug cleaning
      • Pakistani rug cleaning
      • Oriental rug cleaning
      • Native American rug cleaning
      • Sisal rug cleaning
      • Antique or heirloom rug cleaning


Here’s how SteamHero professionals restore rugs

  1. We inspect your rugs for the type of stains and the area/size of the rug.
  2. We suggest a cost estimate and the professionals begin their magic.
  3. The cleaning experts first clean the superficial filth by dusting/vacuuming.
  4. This is followed by heated pre-treatment. Water and high-quality cleaning solutions are heated together in the trunk at around 90 degrees and then the steam is diffused very deep into the rug fibers under high pressure.
  5. This pre-treatment and the steam cleaning combination results in a clean, fresh-smelling rug with a restored look and revitalized texture.


Here’s how to keep your rug looking new for a longer time:

  1. Dust it off – Keep your rugs dust-free by simply dusting it off. Shaking and dusting it off can help keep the allergies away.
  2. Regular Vacuuming – After dusting off and the filthy particles are a bit loose, it is easier to vacuum. This step ensures that deeply embedded filth comes out and isn’t a breeding ground for any kind of allergens or germs.
  3. Stain removal – Let’s be honest you can’t avoid stains. If you have babies and toddlers, you’d know what I am talking about. Even otherwise, we may slip tea or coffee on the rug, by mistake. If it’s a stubborn stain that you cannot do it, let the experts do it for you. 


There is primarily one reason why people prefer getting the rug cleaned by experts. The equipment the expert service providers have isn’t very cheap and also everyone wants to preserve the colors within the fibers of the rug. The equipment is required to deep clean and to ensure the longevity of your rugs, be it residential rugs at your home or commercial rugs at your office property. Hand-knitted, hand-tufted, hand-loomed, machine-loomed – whatever kind you have, we help clean all kinds of rugs.  

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Leave the rug cleaning to our professional experts!