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Mattress Cleaning Services

It’s a good idea to consider mattress sanitizing once in a while if you have babies or pets at home and well, avoiding stains is nearly impossible. A clean mattress can help us sleep longer and stay healthier. With pandemics and lockdowns, it is only fair to say that the time we spend on mattresses either sitting or lying down has shot up significantly. And so has the inevitable, invisible or super tiny dust mites and other allergens. Just as you like wearing clean clothes, having to wake up or go to sleep on a clean mattress should be something that comes without effort.

Ever wondered why your mattress becomes home to a lot of living organisms like dust mites? It’s because of the dead skin cells. People shed about one-fifth of an ounce every week, which finds its way into your memory foam mattress as flakes. These flakes being the favorite food of mites and bed bugs multiply and the mattress cover, mattress pad, and mattress protector, etc become harboring ground.

Second-guessing If You Should Get Your Mattress Steam Cleaned?

If you’re wondering why to get your mattress cleaned by professional experts, you’ve come to the right place. There is a multitude of DIY techniques that talk about how you can use a vacuum cleaner, use hot water or make your own cleaning solution using hydrogen peroxide and water to clean your mattress. Assuming you have attempted all sorts of options and still no luck, we would like to tell you why our customers swear by us for deep cleaning mattresses. 


Deep steam cleaning is the only eco-friendly way to get rid of viruses or any kind of allergens from mattresses. And because a mattress harbors a lot of unwanted tiny and invisible to the naked eyes living organisms, it is indispensable to have the right kind of moisture while steam cleaning. If you have babies at home, we understand health is of utmost importance. Whether you have babies, pets, or bedridden parents at home – spit stains, vomit stains and urine stains might make your mattress look ugly and dull. Parenthood or being a caretaker comes with a lot of challenges and cleaning mattresses shouldn’t be adding to your other stress factors, you can count on SteamHero for that. Our specially curated solutions help with removing dirt, pee, and vomit stains, or pet hair and odors from the mattress, mattress. 


Are steam cleaning services safe, considering the risk of acquiring covid?

Absolutely! Our cleaning experts take precautions and necessary safety measures while cleaning covid or no covid. We have been in this business for a long time.


Apart from providing services to clean mattresses, we are experts who just do the mattress and carpet cleaning, we can also restore the look of your dirty carpets, rugs, tiles, upholstery, and even your driveways.

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