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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

Whether it is your own home or a property you’re leasing out, hardwood flooring makes for an elegant choice. Houses with hardwood flooring are much easier to be sold when compared to homes with wall-to-wall carpeting. These days, houses with hardwood floors are preferred, although these are expensive to install, and replacing them is not really an option. If you’ve taken the time to select those beautiful pieces that make your house feel like home, we understand it is a difficult choice to just replace it that quickly. There are a lot of factors like exposure to sunlight, normal wear and tear and decoloration, etc that lead to a loss in the beauty of the hardwood floor.

However, it comes as no surprise that most of the time, heavy-duty do-it-yourself techniques fail to bring back the gloss of the floor. Although you might think, nothing can beat the homemade – vinegar and water solution, using them on a hardwood floor might damage the wooden finish and its look and feel. And so your cleaning options are limited to brooming and mopping the floors with a safe cleaning solution. While it’s good and healthy to keep the floors clean and germ-free, you may have to consider the services of cleaning experts to bring back the lost shine.

Why Should You Go For SteamHero’s Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services?

We’ve been in this business for so long that we promise to renew the lost shine without you having to replace your hardwood floor. Steam Hero’s professional cleaning service is all you need to keep those surfaces sparkling. The high-speed rotary brushes topped up with our special engineered cleaning solution safely removes contaminants and dirt from unseen crevices and hard-to-reach surfaces of the floor. Our eco-friendly services will leave a shine on the floors and a smile on your face – that’s our pinky promise. We have an average rating of 5 on Google. You can check out what our customers have to say about our services here.


What other services does SteamHero provide?

We offer a wide range of cleaning services from commercial to residential disinfectant cleaning services, carpet, and tile cleaning to upholstery cleaning services, and driveway pressure cleaning.

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