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How Long For The Carpet To Dry After Steam Cleaning?

We use very little water to clean the carpets. The carpet generally dries within 2 hours after the steam clean, leaving it spotless, fresh, and ready to use.

Why You Shouldn’t Clean Your Carpet With Baking Soda And Vinegar?

Fabric quality might get affected by DIY methods such as soda and vinegar. Additionally, you may not be able to restore the look.

How Long After Carpet Cleaning Can You Walk On It?

Once the carpet is dry, it takes about 2 hours, you can use it as usual.

Does Steam Cleaning Upholstery Change Its Colours?

The reason for resorting to professional cleaning services is that we understand the fabric better and can help restore the look. We use non-toxic solutions that give superior results without affecting the fabric quality like color and texture, etc.

What are the Types Of Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning

There are 5 types of vehicle upholstery primarily – Nylon, polyester, vinyl, faux leather, and leather. Depending on the type, we have different solutions so as to retain the shine and keep them looking good as new.

Are Carpet Cleaning Fumes Toxic?

We use solutions that are not high in toxicity by nature. Our solutions are very low in chemicals and don’t leave a stingy smell once the work is done.