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Carpet Cleaning Services

If you’re wondering why to invest in a deep carpet cleaning service when you can just do it yourself, you have come to the right place. Investing in a professional carpet cleaning service is a good idea for a couple of reasons. Carpet maintenance is not an easy job and nothing can beat steam cleaning a carpet, which can and should only be done by professionals. Using DIY techniques to clean carpet often results in fabric quality getting lost. That being said, a carpet that is not regularly cleaned can harbor a lot of allergens in and around the carpet fiber. Hence it is always advised to get the cleaning done, every once in a while, to ensure we don’t provide a cozy environment for dirt, pollens, molds, and dust mites. Be it removing coffee stains from the carpet or restoring your carpet from any other damage, you can count on us for superior quality carpet cleaning.

Why Choose SteamHero for Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?

We are one of the best Carpet cleaning service providers in Western Sydney. We at Steam Hero, strive to make carpet cleaning services affordable and a happy experience for our customers.

We use the “Hot Water Extraction Cleaning” method, commonly known as Steam carpet cleaning with a low moisture system. We soil the surface by applying a cleaning agent on the carpet, brushing and sucking the dust with the cleaning equipment. We vacuum and steam clean carpets using a truck mount machine. The carpet generally dries within 2 hours leaving it spotless and fresh.

Health is wealth and we take it seriously

We believe in the safety-first principle. To minimize the risk of getting ourselves infected from either the coronavirus or other harmful microscopic particles found in dust, mists, smoke, and gas by the solutions used for cleaning, our experts use PPE gear. Although we may not use them, we carry all the necessary health-related gear for our jobs:
● PVC or nitrile gauntlet gloves
● Polycarbonate face shield
● Respirator with gas/vapour cartridges
● First-aid kit
● Fire extinguisher

Types of carpet soil and our approach to cleaning the soil

1. Insoluble (particulate) Soil: These are the kinds that make up for 80% of soil in any carpet. The most common types include sand, carbon, metals, humus, and dander. This soil is indissolvable and can be efficiently removed by a dry vibrating pile brush vacuum before applying any type of moisture in the cleaning system. The reason why moisture is avoided in the early stage of cleaning is that it may either result in over-wetting the carpet and slow down the drying times. Thereby, leaving the carpet not so fresh even after cleaning and eventually damage carpet fibers.

2. Soluble (dissolvable) Soil: These are the remaining 20% of the soil that gets attached to the carpet fiber like a sticky substance. Classified as water-soluble soil and oil-based soil which cannot be easily dissolved in water only using a solvent.

For efficient soil removal, we follow these 4 fundamentals:

1. Temperature: Hot water-based cleaning solutions require less liquid to remove soil and high temperatures usually melt insoluble materials like wax, fats, or grease.
2. Agitation: Agitation is done using a groomer or soft brush and generally helps in distributing the preconditioning agents on the cleaning surface.
3. Chemical Action: Used to suspend soils and loosen them from the carpet fibers. Depending on the type of fiber, different chemical agents are used
4. Time: Depending on the product used for cleaning, the carpet being cleaned needs to be soaked for a certain amount of time, often referred to as dwell time, and then is rinsed or neutralized.

Chem-dry Vs Steam Cleaning

You must have come across people telling you why chem-dry cleaning is better than steam cleaning. Let us help you convince otherwise.
1. Chem-dry only reaches the surface of the carpet while Steam Cleaning penetrates deep inside to remove all allergens and stains.
2. Chem-dry, as the name suggests, has chemicals that can leave your family exposed to chemicals. If you have babies and toddlers, steam carpet cleaning becomes the outright choice.
3. Chem-dry fails to give you that fresh feeling post-cleaning activity that steam cleaning does.

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