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Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

When you are setting up your office or shop, you want anything but the best for your commercial space. Be it the decor of your commercial space, the interior aesthetics, or commercial flooring. While we can’t tell you much about how to choose the decor, upholstery, or flooring material options for small or large areas, we can surely tell you how to clean your vinyl or concrete floor finishes to keep them as new as ever.

Vinyl, concrete, tiles, are generally preferred commercial flooring options because of their water-resistant properties and low maintenance. A lot of offices prefer carpeting their interiors or floor coverings to add to the overall look and feel. These common types of flooring help to control upkeep costs, and is relatively durable. As buildings and office spaces age, the floor slowly starts losing its shine. If your office space has high foot traffic, it is no more a choice to keep the floors clean. If you wish to keep the traffic coming in, you need to ensure they are well maintained and shiny.


While floor scrubbers and vacuums are good to have for regular upkeep of the floors and carpets, to get the yellow stains off the concrete surface, concrete slabs or carpets in commercial spaces, you need to get deep cleaning done every once in a while. The better you keep your commercial space, the healthier your workforce. The healthier your workforce, the better they work. It’s all connected – unhygienic your commercial space, sicker the workforce gets, and resulting in no/low-quality work. So, you get the gist, right?


Why Use Steam Cleaning You Might Ask?
The reason why a lot of users love steam cleaning and swear by it is that steam and heat sanitize floors and expel close to 100% of all germs, bacteria, and viruses. When heat and or steam interact with different materials, the results differ greatly, and whatever flooring you have considered for your commercial space, we have a solution for it. We ensure the pressure of the equipment is suitable for the flooring option you chose. We also clean carpets, rugs, tiles, and grouts, and driveway cleaning for your commercial properties.


Why Choose SteamHero as Your Cleaning Partner?
At SteamHero, our experts come up with eco-friendly customized floor cleaning solutions with efficient floor cleaning machines to ensure your commercial floors are always looking their best. Our customers prefer SteamHero for floor cleaning services because we provide non-hazardous, cost-effective, and high-quality disinfectant services. Our cleaning equipments are top-notch and can handle a great amount of pressure with very little water and helps steam clean the dirt and sticky residue from the floors very easily. 

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